How to Move Home

Moving home is never easy, in fact for some it can be one of the most stressful days of their lives. Don’t despair, moving home needn’t be this bad, in fact with preparation, organisation and a cool head you can have a smooth move. Here are our top ten tips:

1) Let friends and family know as soon as possible. Friends and family are often keen to help with your move so it’s good to let them know dates and times well in advance so that they can note it in their diaries and be sure to be free if possible to help with the transition.

2) Packing up. How and what you pack is one of the most crucial parts of any move. Make sure that you take the opportunity to pack well in advance. Use the time to sort what you want to keep and what you want to throw/give away. This can be a very cathartic experience if a little time consuming. Having the right boxes to hand will help with any packing process. You can pick up boxes free from many large supermarkets or if you don’t mind paying find your local storage company or Ikea. Both will have plenty of boxes in different shapes and sizes to choose from. Make sure all boxes are clearly labelled: sitting room, bathroom, bedroom etc. This can help when you go to unpack at your new home.

3) Loading up. If you decide to hire a van or truck to move your possessions be sure to make sure you have at least two people to help you lift and load into any vehicle. This is key to ensuring that injuries are avoided and that the whole process is less tiring for all involved. Make sure that all the heavy goods are loaded first into the truck or van. This helps to ensure that furniture doesn’t move around the vehicle and will help balance the load. It’s best to stack boxes as if you were laying bricks filling the back of the truck first. It’s best to stack high walls as efficiently as you can when loading the truck.

4) Don’t forget the fridge! Place all your chilled fridge contents into a cooler whilst others help load the truck. This should help keep your perishables in a cool enough environment to avoid them spoiling whilst you move. Even a lump of ice frozen advance say in a plastic bag can be enough to help goods stay cool.

5) Load heavy furniture last. Once you have completed a wall of boxes in your truck make sure you load any large heavy pieces of furniture up against it. This will stop the boxes from falling. Follow this by adding any big rectangular items next. This will help prevent furniture from being scratched during the removal process.

6) Large items next. It’s best to put items such as sofas or recliners into the truck next. It’s a good idea to measure the aperture of your door at your new home to make sure that these heavy and bulky goods can in fact fit in through the door at the other end!

7) Think about what goes where. It’s always good to take the time to work out what goods will go where when you arrive at your new home. It can be pretty frustrating to have to sift through dozens of boxes in order to find exactly what you’re looking for. The kettle for instance is worth putting in a box towards the end of your move so that you might find it with ease upon arrival.

8) Secure your items. Damaged goods or furniture are a common problem during the removals process, so take the time before you leave to make sure that items are securely in place before moving off. This need only take a few minutes but is a great way to avoid disappointment when you arrive at the other end of your journey. If it’s a short move it may well even be worth making two trips to ensure all your goods arrival in good condition.

9) Decide ahead what goes where. Make sure you take the time before you move to check out what goes where in your new house or flat. This will help to avoid any confusion when you get to your new home. Have a walk through with the movers or helpers when you arrive so that they know what goes where. A little bit of planning will help with this process no end and will help to avoid any unnecessary stress.

10) Home from home. It’s a good idea to have the hot water on for when you arrive in your new home and make sure ahead of time that the lights are working, a few spare bulbs may well be worth packing in advance. Both will help you not only to see when you try to unpack but also reward you with a hot bath or shower after a long day.

With these helpful tips moving home should be a straightforward and not so stressful. Organisation is key and well worth the effort of planning in advance to ensue all involved experience a smooth move.