How to move studio flats

Your pad may only be small but often studio apartments or bedsits can be tricky to organise when it comes to removal day. Space is often at a premium and organising belongings in advance of moving day can leave you feeling stranded in your own home. Here are some simple tips to make moving from your studio flat a little easier.

Studio assessment

First things first try to assess just how much you need to move with the assistance of a removal company. Often individuals think that moving possessions into a new home is easily achieved with the use of a car and a few round trips. This is an easy trap in which to fall, often you have more belongings than you may at first think which can leave you with lots of work and organising in the run up to moving day.

Often living in a small space means that you have developed ways of pushing belongings into every nook and cranny. In the run up to moving day it is advisable to have a good clear out. How much do you really want to take and how much can you give away to charity, friends and family or sell online. You may only have a few possessions but sometimes a simple garage sale can help boost the coffers and clear out your possessions in one hit.

Invest in a removal company

As we have already highlighted, sometimes people think that a few trips in a car is all that is needed when moving from a studio flat. This can leave you with a great deal of work to do on the day of the move and in order to avoid unnecessary stress hiring a removal firm is often advisable.

Often for small moves hiring the services of a man and van can be a great way of saving energy and stress and is cheaper in price than employing a larger removal firm to undertake the work. Take a look at this website for the options available. Man and Van or similar businesses are a great way to make moving from a small space simple and easy.

Man and Van tips

When booking a man and van or similar service try to be realistic about how much you really need to move, this will help with gaining an accurate quote. Be aware that when booking a man and van there will be different van sizes available and that you may be able to ride along with your removal man.

Booking a slot

Often single removal men and their vans have tight deadlines and many more than one drop off in a day. Try to be ready in plenty of time for them to help smooth out the day. Equally be aware that if you too have a deadline that sometimes they can arrive late, try to have already picked up the keys for your new pad in plenty of time and make your day flexible both with estate and letting agents. If a new tenant or owner is set to arrive that day to the property you are vacating be sure to build in some wiggle room time if you are delayed or indeed if your removal man is delayed. It is often advisable to move out a good day before your agreement is up if possible in order to ensure a smooth transition to new premises.