Moving Abroad

Whether it’s been a lifelong dream or a working necessity moving your belongings and life abroad is a huge step and one not to be taken lightly. If you are sure that the move abroad is for you be sure to find a reputable removal company. It is always worth shopping around for various quotes but finding a removal company that specialises in moving people’s good abroad is nearly always a must. Such firms understand what is involved with a big move abroad and have experience with dealing with the issues that may face a move to foreign climes.

Once you have made the decision for personal or business reasons we hope these top ten tips will help you make that transition a little easier:

  • Is this the right decision for you? Are you psychologically and financially prepared to move away from friends and family to live in a new country? There may be a lot to gain from a new move abroad and one that is full of hope and excitement but often the reality can be a lot harder, so be prepared for the psychological as well as physical adjustments necessary.

  • Find a place that works for your needs. It is important to take into consideration all of your differing needs, there is no point picking an isolated spot if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of inner city life. Make sure you undertake plenty of research about the location you wish to move to. Try to make contacts as best you can on the ground and use the internet to widen your search.

  • Pick a date. Sometimes giving yourself a deadline can help focus the mind on where and how you are going to move. Make it a realistic one though! Making the move can be a time consuming affair.

  • Moving your possessions. Think carefully about whether you wish to arrive before or after your goods. Often people find that renting a container on a freighter is a wise decision. This can mean that you can either accompany your possessions on the plane or ship or alternatively you can arrive a few days later once your possessions have made the journey.

  • Do your homework. Make sure you approach the relevant embassy and or government to ensure that you are legally allowed to live within the new country. Check out the visa requirements, often these need to be organised many months in advance so be aware of the time constraints involved.

  • Downsize your life. Take the time to work out what possessions are important to you and how they will fit into your new life abroad. Will the sofa really work in your new pad? Will the wardrobe fit? How about the dresser? Make sure you also have to hand any necessary documents to prove your credentials for any new job you maybe undertaking in your new life abroad.

  • Health considerations. Ensure you are aware of any vaccination requirements in the country of your new home. Make sure you are covered for any prevalent diseases. Are you able to access prescriptions for medication in the country you wish to move to? Sometimes you can order medicines online, it is worth checking out whether this is possible. If in doubt speak to your GP they will be more than happy to help out with any queries or requirements for living in a foreign country.

  • Internet assistance. The internet is your new best friend for a range of reasons. You can access information about properties for sale or rent. You can also undertake considerable research into the place you are planning to move to, what is the vibe of the town or city you wish to live in? What amenities are close by? Are there any support networks that you might wish to join to help you meet new friends in the area you wish to move to?

  • Cutting ties. The first six months for many who move abroad are both the easiest and the hardest. The gloss of a change of address soon wears off and you realise that friends and family are far away, the best way to embrace these changes is to make new friends. Family and loved ones are no longer a part of your daily life and to survive in a new environment involves making new ties as well as remembering old ones. Make sure you make the effort to meet your neighbors and work colleagues. Invite friends and family to visit too so that the time you spend with them becomes more precious.

  • Check and check again. Make sure you have a list of all the things you wish to sell and all the things you wish to take with you. As you work through the list check things off. Make sure you fulfill all the legal requirements of moving to a new country.

Deciding to move abroad for business or pleasure purposes is a huge step and the above top ten guidelines are exactly just that, guidelines. Other issues to contend with include legal requirements to moving abroad together with the psychological and physical upheaval. There are a range of issues that are all worth bearing in mind.