Getting the right removers for you

It’s worth remembering that when moving home there is a great deal of work involved just in the pure physical experience of lugging goods from house to van and vice versa. Many home movers underestimate just how much hard work is involved and opt to do all the hard work themselves. They then realise on the day just how exhausting the whole experience can be. So unless you are moving a very small amount of goods it is nearly always worth investing in the services of a professional removal company. From small to big there are plenty of different removal firms eager to help with the exact requirements of your move.

Getting quotes

Finding the right removal company for you is a competitive business and it’s worth finding these quotes well ahead of your completion date. Take a good look at the quotes as the detail of what they include is very important. Some may appear cheaper but not offer you the exact service you require. Many removal companies will offer packing and for many people this is a welcome additional cost. But be sure you know exactly what you want from your removal firm. Sometimes you can get online quotes, although these are helpful to give you a general indication of price it is worth taking the time to speak direct with the company to get exact costs. Equally if you live in a small property all you may need is a man with a van. Many of the big cities have plenty of man and van services which can save you a lot of money.


Your removal company will be pleased if you are able to help them in advance with any additional information about the access and layout of your new home. Things to include are, how many floors you have, the number or amount of stairs and the width of the doors for objects like sofas and wardrobes.


Many removal companies do in fact offer insurance with their services to cover any potential breakages. It is of course best not to assume that this will be the case but check with them first. Also check your home insurance covers any losses or breakages during the removal process.

Negotiate, negotiate

It is not unusual to negotiate with any prospective removal firm on their quoted price. Most people are more than happy to try for discounts and it is always worth asking. Even if this is something you don’t feel comfortable with it is always worth trying, they will not be offended. Be mindful that you may be able to get a better price for any removal quote if you avoid peak times such as weekends or during school holidays. Weekdays tend to be cheaper as there is less demand. Many find it is better to take a couple of days off work than to pay for the additional peak time costs of some removal firms.

Be aware

Do check before booking your removal firm that they are members of the The British Association of Removers or The National Guild of Removers and Storers. These are recognised bodies and those companies that belong to them have to attain certain standards of excellence in the removal firm field.


Getting a recommendation is also a safe thing to do. Have you got friends or relatives in the vicinity who have had good experience with their local or national removal firms? This like any decision is always better if you know first-hand through a family or friend their experience with any given firm. This removes any concerns or doubts you may have about a company especially if you know for sure that the quality of their work is to a high standard. If you can’t get a recommendation then use instinct and common sense together with a reputable company and a proven track record. Also see how you get along with a company when you make enquiries. If you instantly get along with their staff this will also help to give an indication as to how well your relationship will develop with any given firm.